Why do we talk about content alchemy?

One of my all-time favourite books has to be Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist. It follows a young Andalusian shepherd on his way to Egypt. During his journey, he meets an old king named Melchizedek who introduces him to the idea of a ‘Personal Legend’. A Personal Legend is ‘what you have always wanted to accomplish’. The king also cites one of my favourite quotes in the book which is “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it’.

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New site, new opportunities

We are pleased to welcome you to our new website. We have worked hard to make it serve the needs of our new and returning customers. To this end we have decide to launch 3 new packages – these reflect the feedback we have received from our regular customers who prefer a pre-determined pricing structure and to pay a deposit to secure our time in advance. We would appreciate your feedback too – please reach out to us via the contact form on our Contact Us page, or via Facebook and Twitter.

Welcome to ‘content alchemy’ where magic meets science and clients get results, guaranteed.